Get immersed
in training.

Bring the full training experience to
your home for just $1,699.

Train like a Pro.

Get countless studio classes led by
professional trainers for $2,399.

Check out the Vue.

Attend classes on HIIT, barre, cross-training,
strength, yoga, and so much more—all from home
for only $1,999.
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The iFIT experience on my Pro-Form bike left an awesome impression after my first ride!...I felt like I was really out on the road with a pro by my side pushing me to succeed!

Image of customer for the Studio Bike Pro
Rilde L.

The iFIT app allows us to mix things up & see parts of the world we can only dream of visiting…This convenience & variety have truly benefited our family.

image of customer for the SMART Pro 9000
Jacob P.

Love the workouts on iFIT! When I can smile at the trainer’s encouragement, and actually feel happy during my workout, it is a wonderful thing. I really enjoy my HIIT Trainer Pro.

image of customer reviewing the SMART HIIT Trainer Pro
Dawn H.

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