iFit is Smart Fitness

iFit is a smart fitness technology available on ProForm® treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. When you join iFit, you have quick and easy access to endless training opportunities right on your equipment, including custom-built workouts, automatic tracking, and routes powered by Google Maps™. With iFit, you'll get more from your ProForm® machine and more out of your workouts.

America's Top Trainers

See real results when you train with top trainers like Jillian Michaels. You'll receive the personal coaching, motivation, and tough love you need to get in shape. Simply pick a program, start your machine, and go.

  • Workouts

    Custom-Built Workouts

    Each workout is specially designed by a professional trainer and tailored to fit your specific goals.

  • Adjustments

    Automatic Adjustments

    Based on the program and settings, iFit will automatically adjust the speed, incline, and decline of your machine.

  • Programs

    Variety of Programs

    Choose from a wide variety of workout programs, differing in category, difficulty level, length, and speed.

  • Advanced Tracking

    iFit automatically tracks every workout you complete.

  • Workout Builder

    Build your own workouts customized to fit your goals.

  • Statistics

    View all of your completed workout stats anywhere.

  • Challenges

    Create workout challenges for others to complete, or join a challenge.

  • Community

    Connect with friends to share workouts and stay motivated.

  • Fit Score

    Quantify your active lifestyle on a scale from 0–100.

  • Schedule

    Plan and manage your workout schedule.

  • Wireless Updates

    Receive automatic software updates to your equipment.

See more iFit features

Google Maps

Work out anywhere in the world with workouts powered by Google Maps™. Run the streets of Hong Kong, hike the trails of the Grand Canyon, or even ride the stages of Le Tour de France. Wherever it is, iFit will take you there.

  • Programs

    Street View

    Enjoy beautiful Street View images of your Google Maps™ route right on the console or tablet. It's like you're really there.

  • Programs

    Incline Match

    With incline matching technology, your ProForm® machine automatically adjusts the incline and decline to simulate the actual terrain of your Google Maps™ route.

Connect to More

iFit connects your ProForm® machine to the internet. And through advanced technology, automatically adjusts the speed, resistance, incline, and decline for you. All you have to do is schedule a workout, press start, and let iFit do the rest.

New Workouts Every Day

iFit makes fitness fun by providing new workouts every day at the touch of a button. From weight loss to marathon training, you'll find exactly what you need to tackle your goals.

Your Fitness Solution

When you join iFit, you'll get more from your ProForm® machine, and more out of your workout. Enjoy exclusive features like Google Maps™ workouts, training programs, automatic tracking, and more. The options are limitless.


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Find the Right iFIT

In two simple steps, you'll find the right iFit service for your ProForm fitness machine and your lifestyle.


Step 1

Select Your Machine

Please select your ProForm® machine to determine your subscription options.



Exercise Bike

iFit Compatible

Your Machine is iFit Compatible

Experience iFit technology through the wireless module—which simply acts as a communicator between your machine and the iFit cloud. When you purchase the iFit® module, we'll give you a FREE one-year iFit membership. Note: A wireless home network is required to connect to your iFit profile.

iFit Enabled

Your Machine is iFit Enabled

Featuring technology built right into the console, iFit Enabled treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals come with all the electronics you need in order to access iFit. Simply purchase a membership, then connect your machine to your home wireless network.

Step 2

Select an iFit Subscription

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